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My guest spot on the "Retire Your Limits" podcast

My Interview with The Prescott Times

Make Your Money Work When You're Not: Creating an Income-producing portfolio

Retirement Planners: 10 Tips to Retire Early

9 Ways to Overcome Finanancial Fears That Keep You From Retiring

Taxation Frustration: Financial Advisors Share Tips to Lighten the Load

Losing Sleep Due to Lifestyle Creep: Americans Struggle with Financial Worries as 2024 Nears

7 Social Security Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding at What Age To Collect

How to Retire Better, From Retirees Who Learned the Hard Way

New RMD Rules for 2024

About To Retire? Follow These Steps for a Seamless Transition
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How to Delay Claiming Social Security Until Age 70

A surprisingly hard part of retirement - Spending what you worked so hard to save 

What To Do in Your 40 and 50s To Plan for Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Is Paying Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement a Good Idea?

What is a Roth IRA and How Does it Work?

We are in our 50s, living in California, and have $2 million in retirement savings. We want someone to tell us whether we can feasibly retire — what’s our best bet there?
How To Maximize Finances When Your Children Leave The Nest
I’m 57 and will soon have more than $3 million from a business sale. My rich boss trusts his financial adviser, but he inherited his millions. Still, should I try his adviser?
I’m losing over $1,100 each quarter due to fees.’ I’m in safe investments during this downturn, yet I’m still losing a lot of money from adviser fees. What should I do?
Why do these retirement planners have Georgia on their mind?

I’m a Financial Planner: Here Are 3 Things To Always Spend Money on If You Want To Be Rich

Expert Secrets on How To Trim Your Tax Bill Before 2023

How Consumers Can Benefit from Rising Interest Rates 

When Is Enough Money Enough? A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

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The APYs of some high-yield savings accounts are now higher than mortgage rates people locked in last year
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Taxable Accounts for Your Retirement, Really?
Reviewing Your Retirement Plan
The 5 Best and Worst States to Retire In 2023
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6 Top Reasons to Save Your Money

ETF vs Stock: Where Should You Invest?
6 Ways to Plan for Ahead for a Luxurious Retirement
Americans Are Stressed About Retirement

My Guest Spot on The Perfect RIA podcast

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