Who We Serve

Approaching Retirement or Just Retired

​We help successful people in their 50's and 60's who are planning to retire or recently retired.  We focus on people relocating or retiring to the Prescott, AZ area.  We are also available virtually to clients across the nation that can use our expertise.  We work best with those who come from corporate employment and need help optimizing their retirement resources.  We help create a tax-efficient retirement income and investment plan to secure our clients' future so they can retire confidently.

​Good Savers

​Our clients have typically worked hard and saved well over their lifetime to afford them the opportunity to retire before age 70.  Most of our clients have accumulated a nest egg of at least $800,000.

​Nice People

​My father-in-law gave me one piece of advice in running a business - "only work with nice people" (and be a nice person yourself!)  We only work with truly nice people with whom we share mutual respect and who enjoy and appreciate the value we provide.

​Looking for a Trusted Advisor

​Our clients understand that retirement decisions are too important to try to make alone, and value having expert guidance to help ensure their success.

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